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A Bright Night

Fujifilm, Tripod, Landscapes, Cameras, Learning, Night, Summer, Posts, Scenery

Last Winter Capture

Tari enjoying what was the last snowy day this winter.Original picture however didn't have snowflakes.Color editing was done mostly in Lightroom and Nik Color Efex.

Stormy Berlin At Night

Landscapes, Berlin, Learning, Night, Posts, Scenery, Messages, Paisajes, Teaching

Fairy tale Sunset

Landscapes, Barn, Sunset, Long Exposure, Tripod, Posts, Scenery, Messages, Paisajes

Landscapes, Barn, Sunset, Long Exposure, Tripod, Posts, Scenery, Messages, Paisajes

A very intense sunset

Sunset Photos, Landscapes, Scenery, Paisajes

Sunset With A View

I carried my camera with me with no clear intentions of taking any photos.Camera used was Nikon

Cold Landscape View

Lightroom, Photoshop, Rainy Weather, Landscapes, Barcelona, Sky, Posts, Heaven, Scenery

Museum Island, Berlin at Night

Long Exposure, Fujifilm, Landscapes, Berlin, Museums, Buildings, Islands, Cameras, Couples

Dramatic Sunset

Moltke Bridge, Berlin - at night

Field Marshal, Funeral, Statues, Berlin, Landscapes, Army, Fields, Rivers, Germany

Sunset. Or not?

Lightroom, Landscapes, Sunsets, Couples, Stuffing, Learning, Summer, Posts, Scenery

Are You Taking Photos In Vacation?

Long Exposure, Double Exposure, Fuji, Landscapes, Barcelona, Vacations, Boats, Cameras, Learning

Winter at the sea

Tripod, Barcelona, Landscapes, Sunsets, Walks, Snow, Cameras, Beaches, Winter

January in Barcelona

Barcelona, Landscapes, Posts, Scenery, Messages, Barcelona City, Paisajes, Barcelona Spain

Barcelona Harbor

Tripod, Barcelona, Landscapes, Sunsets, Backpacks, Cameras, Posts, Scenery, Messages