1937 Horch 853 Voll & Ruhrbeck Cabriolet

dieselpunkflimflam: “ goontogentleman: “ 1937 Horch 853 Voll & Ruhrbeck Sport Cabriolet ” Two spares, for driver of a fancy car who expects to hit rough road. Like the millionaire industrialist who spends his nights fighting crime in the Big City’s.


Alpine Renault "Cool, French version of Lotus that kills on rally stages.

Shelby 427 Cobra: Pinterest / Twitter : #Mblakeirl

Classic Car: 1954 Pontiac Bonneville Special Ferrari vs Lamborghini - The The Vintage Car. Ferrari vs Lamborghini - The Ultimate Car heaven

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1952 Abarth 1500 Biposto BAT 1 The first of Bertone's series of Berlina Aerodinamica Technica ('BAT') cars of the early this remarkable car was designed by Franco Scaglione, Nuccio Bertone and Carlo Abarth for the 1952 Turin Motor Show. The car en

1940 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS ‘Torpedino Brescia’

1940 Alfa Romeo 2500 SS ‘Torpedino Brescia’ Maintenance of old vehicles: the material for new cogs/casters/gears/pads could be cast polyamide which I (Cast polyamide) can produce

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1964 Jaguar Lindner Nocker Low Drag E-Type For vehicle transport quotes, contact Motors on the Move @