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a painting of a woman sitting on a couch with her arm around another woman's head
After the Bath, c.1900 - c.1910 - Edgar Degas -
a drawing of two women sitting next to each other with one woman holding the other
Edgar Degas Danseuse
an image of a group of ballerinas on stage
The Dancers by Edgar Degas, Ca. 1895 - Acrylic Print
an oil painting of a ballerina dancer in front of a man standing next to her
Pourquoi la petite danseuse de Degas a provoqué un scandale
a painting of two people sitting on the ground with clothes hanging up in front of them
Edgar Degas
three young ballerinas in blue dresses dancing
Dancers In Blue, 1890 by Edgar Degas Art Print
a painting of a woman sitting in a bathtub
El movimiento romántico a ojos de Degas
a painting of a woman laying on the ground
Edgar Degas: El pintor de las bailarinas