"Joy would fill my heart/Nature unveil thy awful face/To me a poets pow'r impart/Thoug[h] humble be my destined place." - early poem by Brontë

Glorious; I always wonder what such a beautiful, old book might contain. The amazing thing about a closed book is the existence of infinite possibility within its pages - it could say anything and hold forgotten knowledge and hidden secrets. And you do not know until you look inside.

Beautiful Brown Velvet Bound Book with Decorative Hinges. i'd like a whole shelf full of these!

Needlework Book cover, c. 1765

Prayer book cover wrought by Ann Flower in the year of her marriage to Samuel Wheeler. This difficult piece was worked on canvas with fine crewel yarns, using 'Irish Stitches' to create the covers beautiful flower.

Shakespeare, Tennyson . . . Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments. Love is not love when it alteration finds . . .

I have a Shakespeare's Complete Works book at home, along with some other pretty awesome old books. More to collect!

old books: late 19th early 20th century publisher’s pictorial cloth bindings

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