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an open notebook with doodles and drawings on the pages, including a drawing of a kitchen
Journal page
an open notebook with pictures and words on it, including i love lana del rey
a red notebook covered in stickers and magnets next to a white pen on top of a table
an open notebook with a drawing of a heart and the words i love on it
"I <3" idea
bullet journal alt inspo fashion coquette y2k messy french girl aesthetic lily rose depp lana del rey vibe
bullet journal fashion inspo
an open book with pictures and text on the front cover, featuring a teddy bear
taylor swift
louis tomlinson 
harry styles Croquis, People, Books, Introspection
my three loves<33
black and white scrapbook Art journal entry 
taylor swifts folklore page
aesthetic art journal Doodles, Queen, Illustrators, Alt, Fandoms, Fotos, Zitate, My Girl, Style
journal entry 1 🌿🫶🏻
an open book sitting on top of a bed covered in white sheets and pillows with pictures of people reading books
an open book with writing and pictures on the pages that have been altered to look like someones handwriting