"la blouse roumaine" - the patterns are cross stitched

"la blouse roumaine" - this is real an ART OB FABRIC - all the allover patterns are cross stitched, beautiful - and such blouses looks great to jeans too!

Romanian costume photo hand embroidered shirt

Detail IE, La blouse romaine, Romanian traditional blouse.


The disposition of embroidery on this blouse is distinctly Romanian. Dense bands of geometric motifs over the shoulders and vertical bands below alternating with drawnwork bands are quintessentially Romanian

Blouse    Date:      fourth quarter 19th century  Culture:      Romanian  Medium:      cotton, silk, metal

Blouse Date: fourth quarter century Culture: Romanian Medium: cotton, silk, metal Dimensions: Length at CB: 24 in. cm) Credit Line: Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art,

Portrait of a young lady wearing a traditional Romanian costume by Costică Acsinte (1939).

lauramcphee: Romania, 1939 (Costica Acsinte) A Romanian WWI photographer’s 5000 unseen glass plate portraits — beautifully surreal and rapidly deteriorating — are being digitized 30 years after his death. — Read more on LightBox (via timelightbox)

Romanian blouse, linen

(tonal embroidery for texture) Blouse Date: Culture: Romanian Medium: linen