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two small boxes with hats on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
an antique glass bottle with gold trimmings and two matching metal knobs sitting on a gray surface
Antiques | 1stdibs
a green glass object sitting on top of a white table
Sold at auction Green Glass Double End Perfume Flask Auction Number 2286 Lot Number 572 | Skinner Auctioneers
an antique black bottle with gold decoration on the top
1920s D’argelys Amante Perfume Bottle
a white bottle sitting on top of a table
Buly 1803 | British Beauty Blogger
an advertisement for dior's new perfume, miss dior
5 parfums vintage à (re)découvrir
an advertisement for perfumes from the paris by coty advertises their products
Vintage Beauty and Hygiene Ads of the 1930s (Page 8)
a green glass and silver object on a white background
Shop Not Available
a green and gold fountain pen sitting on top of a white table
Auction Bid Platform
a blue glass jar with gold trimmings and a chain around the top, on a white background
Lalique Perfume Bottle: What Is It? What Is It Worth?
a black bottle with a rope wrapped around it
Suspiro de Granada by Myrurgia c1922
a black and gold decorated vase with an image of a man
C.1860 French Scent Bottle In Enameled Silver