John 2

These are not meant to be authentic images of the text of John 2, they are used to teach the Greek concepts that occur in the chapter to modern Americans in lessons that Micheal Palmer and I are creating.
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πιστεύω / πιστεύειν εἰς. trust / entrust / faith.

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πιστεύω / πιστεύειν εἰς. trust / entrust / faith

Shadowplay photography by Russ and Reyn--Hang on for dear life.

Show and tell.  Used for δεικνύειν in John 2:18.

Objective: To provide children with a forum for speaking publicly and refining their oral communication skills.

JEN_9656-2 _PASSOVER_Hagada_Jorge Novominsky | by Israel_photo_gallery

A Jewish family commemorates the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt at the Passover Seder. The order of this special meal is set forth in the text called the Haggadah (telling). (Go Israel photo by Jorge Novominsky)