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Age ain’t nothing but a number, baby! You should be living your life to the fullest no matter what age you are. Being a senior citizen doesn’t mean that the fun is over. Very Funny Memes, Scary Funny, Wtf Funny, Jw Humor, Everything And Nothing, Weird Pictures, Funny Comics, Getting Old, Best Friends

65 hilariously savage grandmas living their best life

These grandmas live their life to the fullest.

The DIY movement is super popular these days and it’s no wonder! People just don’t have money to burn, so they look for ways to make things for themselves whenever possible. In addition to that, people are much more conscious about the amount of stuff that goes to waste. Lace Dream Catchers, Just Don T, Halloween Makeup, Beauty Skin, Road Trip, Diy Projects, Organization, Mood, Popular

50 ppl whose privileges should be revoked from DIY projects

Some people aren’t meant to make things themselves.

Today, we live in a world where we face double standards on a regular basis. What applies to women won’t apply to men and vice versa. What you can get away with when you’re rich might not be the same when you’re poor. We try to be unbiased, but sometimes those biases just sneak in, even if we don’t mean them to.

30+ Double Standard Comics

Double standards can be annoying, but they're definitely a part of life. Here are 35 that we guarantee you can relate to.

Birth is one of life’s great miracles. Although we now have plenty of modern science to help us through pregnancy and the recovery period, for most of human history women were on their own when it came to giving birth. In general, we would sneak away to somewhere private with a few helpers and eventually a baby would come out. As part of the community approach to birth, a lot of “folk wisdom” has spread about pregnancy and health—basically a lot of pregnancy myths that are still around…

14 Pregnancy Myths That Science Has Debunked

You may be able to worry just a little bit less throughout your pregnancy.

Photoshop is a really useful tool for business owners, advertisers, and product sellers. With it, you can delete unwanted components in a picture, correct errors, and even add drama to a product. However, the tool is only good if your editor is good. If you hire someone who’s not skilled enough to use it, you might end up with disaster ads and posters. Photoshop Pro, Squid Girl, Living On The Edge, Playing Guitar, Fails, Believe, Horses, Drawings, Funny

75 photoshop fails that are hard to believe people didn’t notice

Someone dropped the ball.

It’s no secret that parents can have a tough time trying to motivate or convince their children to help around with all the daily household tasks and chores. After all, all those little things can add up, and some help from the kids would definitely be appreciated.

Mom Pens Letter About Teens Not Helping Around House

"Recently we allowed the life-sucking Xbox into our home. Since then brain function, chore doing, and outdoor time has reduced exponentially."

When you are on television every day, it makes you an easy target for bullies. They wait for a chance to find something wrong and don’t hesitate to comment on it. Sometimes, they even take something that should be celebrated and enjoyed and try to make it bad.

Prenant Newscaster Kate Fehlinger Has Perfect Response To Bullies

She gave birth to twins and looks amazing.

For some people, lightning can be absolutely terrifying – and for good reason! The chances are extremely slim, but if lightning strikes in your vicinity, the odds to be able to tell the story aren’t exactly in your favor – especially if it’s a direct hit.

Mom Films Son Being Hit By Lightning In Heavy Rain

This video is proof that it's never a good idea to let your child play outside during a storm - especially with an umbrella in hand.

Kids don’t come with manuals, and sometimes, it can be hard to know what to do as a parent. Many parents think they are doing well by their kids but are actually hurting their confidence, trust, and independence. Here are 11 things that parents do for their kids that they shouldn’t .

11 Things That Good Parents Shouldn’t Do For Their Kids

Are you guilty of these?

Children are such innocent creatures; it’s hard to imagine how anyone could abuse or hurt them. Sadly, however, there are sick people who prey on kids for kidnapping and/or sexual exploitation. According to the FBI, every 40 seconds a child in America goes missing. When you tally the total, that’s more than 760,000 missing children in a single year.

Security Footage Shows Shocking Kidnapping Attempt

This is terrifying.

In the winter months, parents take extra precautions to make sure their children are healthy. Now that we’re in “flu season,” it isn’t uncommon to see more articles and news stories on ways to decrease one’s chances of getting infected.

Parents Caution To Be Mindful Of Red Marks As A Warning Sign Of Strep Throat Affecting The Sinuses

If you notice these symptoms, seek medical attention immediately!

The modern way of life offers a lot of challenges to moms and dads. In this fast-paced, technological world, where every kid seems to want to spend so much of their time on smartphones, tablets, and video game consoles, it can be hard for parents to figure out the right balance for their little ones between letting them have a little screen time while also still enjoying other aspects of life, like reading books and getting outdoors.

Mom Has Entire Family Taking A Break From All Screens – Then Daughter Hops 5 Reading Levels

Could this be the answer to screen time issues?

Luck is either one your side or it has left you hanging on your own. You can be completely going about your very normal day and, out of thin air, have your plans go completely awry. We all have those bad days, some just have it worse than others. Here are 60 examples of people who are probably having a worse day than you. When you realize it happens to everyone, you will not feel as alone in your bad days. Have any of these examples happened to you? Tough Day, Pink Starburst, Good Day, Pregnancy Problems, Fun Facts, Good Things, Health Fitness, Entertaining, Coming Out

60 People Who Aren’t Having The Best Day Of Their Life

Luck is either on your side or it isn’t.

Parenting is not easy. We all have the same struggles, but few people will talk about them in fear that they will be looked at as a bad parent. These parents are just like everyone else, taking it day by day and these are the results. Satan, The Devil Inside, Used Tea Bags, Under Eye Bags, Nail Trends, Nails Magazine, Dark Circles, Summer Girls, All Pictures

55 hilarious photos proving there are no “ideal parents”

Parents do their best, but let’s be real, it doesn’t always go perfectly. These are so funny.

More than 250 babies are estimated to be born every minute on Earth, according to UN estimates.  That works out to about 130 million each year. There have been births every day since humanity began. Yet, many things about birth remain a mystery to those who haven’t given birth. Wtf Funny, Funny Memes, Self Care Activities, Fun Facts, It Works, Personal Care, Earth, Babies, Humor

Viral Post Shows Truth About Childbirth And Why Women Deserve 'All The Things'

'This is what 10 centimeters of dilation looks like.'

We all dream that perhaps one day, we’ll hit the lottery. Whether through Powerball, raffles, scratch-off tickets, or Mega Millions, we think about all the different things we could do with the money.

Wisconsin Man Keeps 1992 Promise To Split Million-Dollar Lotto Winnings With Friend

“A handshake is a handshake.”