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Jacqueline Jawaro
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Pu'abi or Shab'ad "The Sumerian princess" : Jewelry and headdress of gold and imported precious stones such as carnelian and lapis lazuli from India and Afghanistan. From the Royal Cemetery of Ur. Early Dynastic, ca. 2400 BC. The National Museum of Iraq - Baghdad

UR -Pu-abi "The Sumerian princess" -Jewelry & headdress of gold & imported precious stones such as carnelian & lapis lazuli from India/ Afghanistan. Royal Tombs, Early Dynastic, ca 2400 BC.of Iraq, Baghdad

Repin to share a smile!

Today I smiled a little.because I realized that I am one day closer to going where you are.

my letter...

STORY STARTER: When Harley found the bottle near the shoreline, he felt compelled to read the note which had been tucked inside it.