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the entrance to an ancient building with statues on it
Laos Travel Stories - Lonely Planet
A doorway to Wat Phu temple, Laos
an old building with columns next to a body of water in front of some trees
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the water is clear and green in this ancient city
На природе станет легче!
На природе станет легче! | Ксюша Кин | Яндекс Дзен
an intricate mosaic on the ground in front of a building with stone walls and pillars
Villa Romana de Tejada in village of Quintanilla de la Cueza, in the province of (Palencia), Spain.
an intricately designed area rug
the mosaic floor is covered in many different colors and designs, including an image of a woman holding a bird
Parterres mythologiques antiques découverts à Nîmes
Mosaïque représentant l'histoire de Penthée (fin du IIe-début du IIIe s.) - Fouille de l'avenue Jean Jaurès (2009) à Nîmes, Gard
a circular blue and white mosaic design on the side of a building
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Unglazed Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Unglazed porcelain is an extremely versatile, durable and weatherproof material with consistent color. It comes in a more limited and muted palette, but is suitable for all applications. Ceramic tile provides a colorful alternative to unglazed procelain and stone, although all types are not suitable for outdoor use
an intricately designed mosaic in the middle of a room with many circular designs on it
mosaïques de Zeugma
mosaïque géométrique
an octopus is in the center of a mosaic
Squidward Mosaic found in Pompeii - Awesome
Squidward Mosaic found in Pompeii
an intricately designed floor in the middle of a room with peeling paint on it
Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais
2nd c CE Roman Mosaic depicting the story of Achilles found in Nimes