Cosmetic and Family Dentistry represented by an abstract narcissus. The narcissus was the request of my client so I've provided.

Ask Answer Give is an online game and the client specifically asked for a question mark. I've wanted to design this a real out-of-the-box question sign since the client didn't give me a lot of options.

Pens, Vintage Style, Plates, Texture, Profile, Marketing, Logos, Licence Plates, Dishes

ManDown Events is an events company based in the UK. They focus on providing the best themed nights at nightclubs & pop-up locations across the country.

The client wanted something representative for the region Nine Lakes in East Tennessee. I came with the idea of incorporating a 9 in the wine's glass.

One-eyed monster challenge for action camera products.

A minimal approach for a company that provides training courses relating to Health and Safety. Also I combined a stethoscope with the letter Y.

The smart combination of the letter m and number 3 in a symmetric way helped me get this client's attention, also to get my hands on the prize.

The client asked for a cannabis leaf but it doesn't have to include a smile. He wished for a texture somehow to be incorporated in the design. That's how my happy leaf was born, also that's why I've lost the contest.

An apparel brand based on like-minded, adventurous individuals with a passion for living intentionally.

Branding for a company that creates promotional films for entrepreneurs and small businesses. A glass is made out of a film, also the lemon slice looks like the film's wheel.

The CH wished for a modern/techy/startup feel. The side arrows points subtly to a sniper target look. Overall, my entry was a flawless victory.