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This is why so many SE's are written off...

Silly young chavs abusing them. Soon there wont be any SEs left... :(

Is the vRS still the 'king'? Skoda Fabia, Performance Cars, Mk1, Cars And Motorcycles, Golf, Blue, Motorbikes, Automobile, Wave

Is the Mk1 vRS still the 'king'?

Is it 2 or 3 years now? Long enough time has passed by now for me, and I really still cannot get even remotely excited about the current one. I remember a lot of suggestions of petty jealousy from would be mk 2 owners when some mk1 owners said they didnt like the new model Not wishing to start a ...

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vRS Speedo

Only had my vRS 3 weeks and loving it, but while driving home from work I looked to check my speed, then a double take at the speedo, the markings go, 60, 70, 80, 100, 120. What the hell happened to 90? theres no change in markings at all, so it would be really easy to be doing 80ish then the spe...

Nurburgring Badge, Stickers, Sticker, Decal, Badges, Decals

vRS Nurburgring Gel Sticker

My mate has made these up from me as above Nurburgring Gel badge with the VRS logo in the middle, they measure 3.5 inches long and are made from 3M vinyl so its a good long life vinyl not cheap stuff. Also top branded gel so they will not fade, turn yellow. He will do these for £5 each inc P&P