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"porch swings" for everyone. [Build the perfect pergola! Learn to DIY this beautiful circular pergola with a central firepit, swings, and Adirondack chairs, plus an add-on movie screen for entertaining.

Portrait Retouching Lightroom Presets and Adjustment Lightroom Brushes by BeArt

This article is to tell about several secrets of Lightroom and introduce to you the alternative, but quite convenient ways that will help to solve everyday tasks relating photo post-processing.

Top 10 Lightroom Tricks You Should Know

No one wants to waste time. For photographers, hobby, serious, or professional, Adobe's Lightroom is an excellent way to save time. Below are eight tips you can use within Lightroom to save you time to move on to other things!

How to shoot a wedding - Lesson 1

How to shoot a wedding - Lesson 1