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a red pepper and garlic on top of a piece of paper
Gallery — Lisa Morales Mixed Media
a painting of an onion and tomato on a piece of paper with some stamps in the background
Gallery — Lisa Morales Mixed Media
an image of a woman in red and gold on a piece of paper with images of women
Cut it Out Studio - Collage, Illustration, montage and animation for 22 years.
Love your skin respect colour
a woman's face painted on newspaper with blue hair and lipstick in her mouth
Paper Mache Pop Art Painting | Acrylic Painting Art Ideas on Canvas
a collage of different types of compasss and other items on top of an old book
5 Inspiring Art Journal Page Ideas
an art piece with words written in different languages on it's side, including the word
Got old magazines laying around that you don't know what to do with? Just cut out words, and glue them to a frame! To get really krafty, make it say something! I did this, and it makes a great room decoration!
an open book with some art supplies on it and the words artist written in black
flying shoes art studio: ARTIST
the earth is surrounded by many different types of stickers on it's surface