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an animation character poses in various poses
New to Modeling: Semi-low poly Character Model
3d Topology
3d Topology
the four squares are numbered in different colors and sizes, each with their corresponding numbers
Subdivision Surface Modeling
a computer screen with an image of a hand holding something in it's left hand
Modelling the hands - how??
Modelling the hands - how?? — polycount
four different views of hands with yellow and white lines on the palm, from top to bottom
Hands - Human Typologie Wireframe
the human body is shown in various positions and sizes, including arms, legs, and hands
Model is too clean, need some help adding details (topology)
an old and new model are shown in the same color as they appear on this image
How The F*#% Do I Model This? - Reply for help with specific shapes - (Post attempt before asking) - Page 123
FAQ: How u model dem shapes? Hands-on mini-tuts for mechanical sub-d AKA ADD MORE GEO - Page 123 - Polycount Forum
three different views of the same room in an architectural model, with text describing what it's supposed to look like
The Edge Flow Thread. (controlling topolgy)
I thought that in this thread, we should share with eachother how Edge flow works and how you can change it. Mainly because I Suck at controlling edge flow.
the head is shown with different angles to show how it's made up and how they
an image of some sort of blurry object in black and white with grey background
an image of a hand with a red line on the thumb and palm, as shown in 3ds max
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Continuing to build out from the fingers to create the palm and the back of the hand