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Joanna Goddard | Cup of Jo
My Beauty Routine

My Pick-Me-Up Beauty Routine | A Cup of Jo

Six beauty products that makes me feel like a person.

L'Occitane Giveaway

L'Occitane Hand Care Giveaway | A Cup of Jo

Pop quiz: How many times have you washed your hands this year?…

Supergoop Sunscreen Giveaway

Supergoop! Giveaway (Plus a Discount Code) | A Cup of Jo

Do you wear sunscreen every day? Clean sunscreen brand Supergoop is giving away $250 worth of products to one lucky reader.

Samantha Irby

My Beauty Uniform: Samantha Irby | A Cup of Jo

Samantha Irby shares the skincare product she steals from her wife when she's not looking.

Monastery Giveaway

Skincare Giveaway (Plus, a Discount Code) | A Cup of Jo

A giveaway from Monastery, the San Francisco-based skincare brand.

Anjali Pinto Beauty Uniform

My Beauty Uniform: Anjali Pinto | A Cup of Jo

The Chicago photographer shares the French product she swears by and her favorite way to feel beautiful.

caroline donofrio

Your Top 10 Beauty Questions, Answered | A Cup of Jo

Everything from the best mascara to how to find a lipstck.

My Beauty Uniform: Allison Rhone

My Beauty Uniform: Allison Rhone | A Cup of Jo

Allison Rhone shares her favorite drugstore dupes and the time of year she feels most beautiful.

At-Home Lipstick Challenge

"Does This Make Me Look Functional?" An At-Home Lipstick Challenge | A Cup of Jo

Caroline tries five different lipsticks while staying home.

Lipstick Styles

Lipstick Styles | A Cup of Jo

A comic about different lipstick styles, by Grace Farris.

The Best Shampoo Bars

"Does My Hair Look Flat?" A Shampoo Bar Challenge | A Cup of Jo

Have you tried shampoo bars? Caroline tried five different bars in search of a winner.

Everyday Nail Polish

Everyday Nail Polish | A Cup of Jo

Dior Nail Glow is the perfect natural polish.

Four Fall Lipsticks

Four Fall Lipsticks: Which Is Your Favorite? | A Cup of Jo

Caroline and Kim tried four lip colors perfect for the colder months.