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the floor plan for a two bedroom apartment with an attached kitchen and living room area
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several pictures of farm buildings, water and trees
Top level will be my workshop, bottom level will be a finished living area... WiFi, electric, water, everything!! And it would be right behind the house, but little to the right with the driveway leading up to both buildings :)
an old red barn sits in the middle of a grassy field under a cloudy sky
Red Barn
Red Barn | hdr of a red barn in Ammon, Idaho. Suggestions an… | Flickr
Fall barn Beautiful, Fotografie, Resim, Dekoration, Fotos, Garten, Pergola, Scenery
Old Barns + Mills + Farms
Fall barn
the instructions for different types of hooks
bits - ruggedthug
sassy-addie: horsesfuckyeah: soundtrack-for-lovers: the-tailored-sportsman: know your bits! Oh god all this time I thought all tom thumb bits were the same and couldn’t figure out why they got such a bad review… but Aussie tom thumbs are a whole different bit ^ Aussie tom thumb is are really good bits! curb bits aren’t nearly so harsh in shape…
an image of the formation of different types of data processing schedules for rotary devorning schedule
Deworming Schedule
Deworming Schedule for horses
an old wooden gate with chains on it
Breathe Breathlessly: Photo
Breathe Breathlessly : Photo
the floor plan for an office building, with two floors and three rooms on each side
The Barn
This layout is perfect for a small boarding facility. I love the tucked away bathroom under the stairs and the space for tack lockers upstairs. I imagine that would be an excellent place to hide those blankets until the colder months roll around again.
the floor plan for an office with several rooms
I'd have the hay in a storage separate from the horses. Love the layout though.
a checklist with the words, bar medicine cabinet checklist and instructions on it
a blue and white floor plan with the names of each room in different locations on it
Build Your Own Stables - Barn Plans!
1. 5 Stalls This is a basic stable plan for your place! The five stalls make it roomy enough for most horse owners as well as t...