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It may be a cliché but few visitors can leave London without a trip to the world-famous Harrods. This grand department store built in is recognised for its over-the-top grandeur and luxury merchandise. Places to go in London - Harrods

All About The United Kingdom 50 Facts  #Infographic #Travel #UnitedKingdom

All About The United Kingdom - 50 Facts Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Travel category. Check out All About The United Kingdom - 50 Facts now!

18 Places You Have To Visit In The UK! in Advice, United Kingdom | Travel | Hand Luggage Only

The Radcliffe Camera (Camera, meaning "room" in Latin; colloquially, "Rad Cam" or "The Camera") is a building of Oxford University, England, designed by James Gibbs in neo-classical style and built in to house the Radcliffe Science Library

I mean we would all like to have abs but I'm more interested in the fact that these are all things that I like to eat. Time to turn my eating around

Neila Rey's Ab Diet Everything from Neila Rey is amazing. These are the eating guidelines I'm going to be working with for the next month at least. Too bad I pretty much eat like this but then bake cookies for dessert or eat ice cream almost every day:(

Quick Lime Cilantro Chicken - Love with recipehttp://pinterest.com/pin/162692605262770860/

Quick Lime Cilantro Chicken // Boneless Chicken 3 breasts Limes 3 or 4 Garlic 4 to 6 cloves Olive Oil Cumin Cayenne or Chili Powder Cilantro cup snipped Avocado optional.