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an orange that is cut in half and sitting on top of it
50 Times People Spotted Pareidolia In These Vegetables And Fruits And Just Had To Take A Pic
someone is holding an orange with their mouth open and it's inside the shape of a cat
Cat 🍊
a small glass jar filled with whipped cream on top of a table next to a spoon
Easy Jello Cloud Mousse (Fun Layered Jello Dessert)
Easy Jello Cloud Mousse (Fun Layered Jello Dessert)
a white plate topped with chicken and greens next to a fork on a blue table cloth
Artichoke Chicken Recipe - The Girl Who Ate Everything
Artichoke Chicken
an orange monkey made out of fruit with leaves on it's back and eyes
Look at how cute this Orange Monkey is that you can eat
well, would you eat it or not eat it?
a swan made out of bananas and strawberries on a wooden platter with sliced bananas
a chicken made out of strawberries on a white plate with flowers in the background
Chicken 🐓
a white plate topped with sushi and cucumbers
there are many different cakes on the table and one is decorated with pink, blue, yellow and green flowers
I want this cake