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DIY Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Display made with supplies from Dollar Tree! Here is my how to video for this craft! Toilet brush from Dollar Tree Wooden box from Dollar Tree Vase filler from Dollar Tree To make your Bottle Brush Christmas Tree, remove the toilet brush from its handle. This can be done by twisting and moving it around and it will pop off the handle. Here it is removed from the handle. Once removed from the handle, straighten out the brush to measure how…

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Spiral Christmas Tree Ornaments with Wooden Star Xmas Tree Topper Decorative Holiday Party Table Decoration, White
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Cotton Candy Tulle Christmas Trees & Lacy Canvas Rag Trees | Cotton Candy Tulle Christmas Trees & Lacy Canvas Rag Trees . Hiedi Scott DiyDreaming and Crafting a Beautiful Life! #DiyDreaming #cottoncandy #tulletrees | By DiyDreaming | Well hello crafty friends. It's Heidi Scott with DIY Dreaming. And on this super fun video tutorial I'm going to show you how to make I'm calling these cotton candy tool Christmas trees. We're going to start at the beginning. I'm going to show you every step along the way. And then when we're done with these and I have pink all cut out and ready to go. Then I'll show you how to make these wrapped trees. Which this is totally my style and this was completely inspired by the cotton candy tool Christmas trees so as you're hopping on say hello let me know where you're watching from feel free to ask questions feel free to sprinkle all that good stuff okay so let me put these two out of the way and we will talk about what is involved alright to make cotton candy tool Christmas trees what you're going to need is some tool and it's available in pretty much every color you can imagine at craft stores at Hobby Lobby, Joanne's, Michael's, Dollar Tree, Walmart. Um I haven't seen it at Target but they may have it. It's pretty much everywhere and there's a ton of different colors and because these are so whimsical. Um I opted to go with these three pastel colors that do actually remind me of cotton candy, this one especially. Okay, so that's first thing you're going to need. The second thing you're going to need are some dowels. And this is a package that came from Walmart. It has a bunch of different sizes. I think they're around 18 inches long. Roughly if I can estimate correctly. But you can get dowels everywhere as well. Any craft store. Dollar Tree. Um Walmart. That's where these actually came from. Okay so you'll need dowel Then you're going to need some kind of a base and I am using these wood slices. You can get these in a bunch of different sizes. Um that is what I am using. And then you're going to need some little wood do dabs to hold your cotton candy tool. Uh Christmas tree onto it to hold it straight up and down. And on this one I used a wood would like these little thread spools, these wood thread spools that I ordered on Amazon. On this one, I used a smaller one and a couple of round balls but you could use actual thread spools. You could use things like this which I think came from Hobby Lobby in the wood department and of course, you can use a ball These are wheels that you can get at Hobby Lobby. So that's those are the main thing. And then you're going to need a little bit of hot glue. And you're going to have to have some patience because this is not hard. It's just a little time consuming. And but it it's a great lap project. For when you are watching TV. Um and you need something you know to do with your hands other than snack. Okay so this is the first one I did and I learned a lot doing it. These are just some little wood buttons that I just hot glued on there just for fun. And this is just this little small little star that came from Dollar Tree on a package. It's not a star, it's a snowflake that looks like this, okay? So this was the first one that I made. And I used for this one I used tool in 10 inches. 8 inches and six inches sections. And I ended up cutting off a lot of the longer ten inch pieces because it was just too long. So I have kind of changed how I'm doing it. And now I'm just doing eight inches and six inches. And I'll show you all that. Um okay so here's the that we're in progress with and you can see how I'm holding it up. And this is eight inches and six inches. Okay so I you're going to do I don't even know how many just eyeball it. There's a lot of pieces in here. Um so I've already done my eight inch pieces and now I'm going to cut some six inch pieces and this is a this is a self-healing mat from Magnolia DIY. com. It has all the measurements. It does make it easier to to cut your six inch pieces. Okay so let's come back to this tree and we'll finish it. Okay I'll tie a couple more and we'll finish it up. And I'm going to show you how to trim it. How to give it a haircut. But let's start on the pink. Okay? So this is what I had in mind. For my base. Is this large thread spool from Amazon and two beads. Okay? And then I'm going to put it on this wood base. Alright, let me get my hot glue device. This is a sure bonder cool cool shot. Low temperature heat device. And first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to put some glue inside of my little thread spool. And I'm going to put my dowel in here. I've already got it glued to my self-healing mat. It's convenient. Then I'm going to put a little bit of glue and push these balls down. These are easier to handle if you have something to hold onto. So that's why I'm doing this first. Okay? And then I would glue it in the center of my little wood piece. What do you guys think so far? You guys these are so cute. And when I posted pictures of where I was going with it and ideas that I had seen on Pinterest. A lot of you guys told me that you remembered making these or your mom making these in the 60s and the seventies. I have no memory of that. So when I saw Tool trees for the first time I was like oh my goodness I have I would've never in a million years dreamed up the idea of making tool Christmas trees but once I saw it I couldn't stop thinking about it and how I could put my own spin on it and come up with my own unique thing so this is the start alright this would get glued on the the wood round I spent about 15 minutes cutting out all these pieces of eight-inch tool and all these pieces of six-inch tool and honestly, all you're going to do is tie knots and you want to this is easier to do when you can kind of hold it in your lap in between your legs but you're just going to tie tight knots and you want it to to twist those knots around so they're not all in exactly the same spot. So like see there's two knots there. I would twist this around a little bit. Oh gosh I did a bad job cutting this out. So, going to show you just a little bit more because this part is pretty boring and Yeah so you're just going to keep tying knots and pushing them down. You'll do I don't know forty of the longer section. And this is totally personal preference. If you want a bigger fuller tree you could use a longer dowel. You can get those at Hobby Lobby and at Walmart. Um you could also use 10 inch pieces or even 12 inch pieces. It's totally up to you but I ended up liking my tree not being so super full at the bottom. So I would off camera finish up this pink tree that I've cut out my eight and six inch pieces so I'm going to just set this over here I'll finish it up off camera and then I'll show you guys the the completed thing okay so what I want to do now is just show you a few more pieces of this one because it's almost done I'm going to show you how to give it a haircut and then we're going to cut it a little bit shorter and we're going to do a little do that at the top and then These are the ones that really get me excited. Oh my gosh. And then we're going to do these. Does anyone see buttons? And canvas drop cloth or not canvas duck cloth. There's lace. There's muslin. There's all kinds of goodness in this one. So, stay with me. Okay. So, I'm just going to do three more pieces of six-inch tool You want to tie your knots pretty good and tight. This does not look like six inches and because it's not anywhere near that. It's eight. These are so cute, don't you think? Oh my gosh. So I had in mind when I first saw a picture somewhere on Facebook that I shared of these bright colorful tulle Christmas trees. I had in mind that I wanted of course to do cream. Cream or taupe or something like that. Or even light gray. But I couldn't find those colors at either dollar tree or Walmart and I just didn't want to drive all the way over to Hobby Lobby. So then I changed my plan to do pastel. And as I was working on this sorry I'm having a hard time getting this last one on it really is so much easier. If you're sitting down and you're not talking to a camera as I was assembling this one I started thinking I bet I could do the exact same thing with some of my favorite canvas deck and sure enough you can. Okay so this is what your tree's going to look like. They're never going to be perfectly triangle shape. You can keep giving them haircuts as long as you want. And what I figured is has anyone ever cut their child's hair or maybe their own bangs or something? How you can pull hair up in between your fingers and hold it and then you can just do a little trim. That is basically how you're going to do this and you're just eyeballing it. You'll see some long pieces sticking out here and there. That you're just going to trim a little bit. Just like you would do your hair. So you guys see what I'm talking about or you can opt to not trim it at all. Uh it's just whatever you want to do. And I left my bottom layer long. But you can do it however you want. Okay so I was really wanting my trees. My cotton candy tool Christmas trees to be different heights. Okay? So I am not using nearly as much of this dowel. And what I started to do was to just break off a little piece of the top of it. I'm going to finish that. I If you have some actual clippers, you'd be way better off. I'm using my jewelry snips. Okay, good night. And then, we have a lot of options. I'm going with a look for these tool trees that is pastels with this natural wood, okay? So, I think for this one, what I'm going to do is I'm going to put one bead on the top And I'm looking for beads that have kind of a fat hole in them. That is not going to work. This one has a really big hole. It should. Yep. And then we're going to do I have a I think we'll do the Christmas tree on the top of this one. So but there are other options. These come from Dollar Tree. And the one that I really wanted of course they didn't have right now. And I have only one of it. I wanted this gold sparkly one. And I know I probably saw it there earlier this week. But I didn't know that I would need it. And so when I ran over there this morning to see if I could get it. Of course they didn't have it. But this is what that would look like. You did that. Isn't that cute? Instead we're going to do the Christmas trees. Because I have the snowflake on the other one. And I want two that are pretty light in color. Okay. So I'm going to put a little glue on my dowel where my bead will be. Into the glue. And then these have this little sticky thing on them. Which you can take off or leave on whatever you want. Stay with me because we're about to start the rag ones and those are really way more my style but these cotton candy ones are super fun too. Alright and I am just going to hot glue one on the front and one on the back. This looks pretty cute on the top of a wood bead. Okay and then I'm going to put glue on the other side so we can make like a sandwich. A Christmas tree sandwich. And it does this one does definitely need still need some trimming. But you got the general idea for this. Okay. Then I could add some of these little wood buttons. I picked these up in England but I know you can find them at craft stores here if you want. Um I could add some little wood buttons on it. But I think I'm going to opt to leave this one planer and once I finish the pink I will make a decision if I need do dabs on the trees. Um you could do pearls on the the red trees. We're going to do vintage mother of pearl buttons. Um you could do rhinestones. There's so many different things that you could do. But see how these are two different heights. And so you want to have a variety of heights and three five 7, or nine. Looks grippings like that look better. Okay, tell me in the comments what you think about these cotton candy tool Christmas trees. And if you think you'll make them. And I'm super curious to know what colours you would choose. I mean the the possibilities are completely endless. So tell me what colours. If you could choose any colours at you know whatever. What would you choose? Okay, let's start the other ones. So this was the first rag tree I made and I have to tell you I learned a lot as I was doing it. This one also I started with 10 inch strips and I found that I had to kind of cut a lot of them shorter because they were they were just too droopy and too long. So this is mostly eight and six inch strips. And this is what the base looks like. I stacked two of these. I don't even know what they're called. They're kind of like a thread spool. A wood thread spool together. And then I glued it on this big natural round. Okay and I used a variety of things that I'll show you in just a second. This is the one that will be finishing up. Um but I'm going to show you how to start this first. And these guys out of the way. Oh my gosh they're so cute. I can't wait to see what it looks like with the pink one with them. Okay So for these got in my box of fabric and my box of lace to see what I had and Most of the stuff except for the cotton deck fabric that I got at Hobby Lobby. Most of the rest of it was sent to me by you guys. And I can't remember who sent me this beautiful lace. But if it was you thank you so much. I didn't know what I would do with it at the time. And thank you to whoever sent me this roll of beautiful lace. And thank you to whoever sent me this big piece of creamy ivory tool. I I do have to tell you guys that it's so much easier to work off of one of these than this. But you can buy tulle by the yard in the fabric department. Um and then thank you to whoever sent me this muslin. Um and then I have this. So I also opted to use a little bit of this Dollar Tree. For a dollar twenty-five. Okay and we did the same things to get started. We cut eight inch strips and six inch strips. And this is my pile of 8 inch strips. Um this is my pile of six inch strips. So how did I do it? Let me just show you the basics. Um almost everything except for the lace I tore. And I'm guessing that you guys probably know how to do that. This is a strip from the canvas duck. That I tore. And this canvas duck fabric that I have here. It must not be very good quality because I got all of these like spots where the threads pulled and that is the Walmart cotton deck that I typically use never has that issue. Um so then I just I tore the strips and these are probably let's see. They are about an inch and a half wide. And then I'm just going to here's the six inch and here is an eight inch and then I just pulled the excess threads off and kind of straightened it out. It was the exact same thing with the muslin. So let's do our base. Again, we're going to use some of these gowls. I'm going to use this one. They're all different diameter also but this size, the smaller one is easier to work with especially if you end up deciding that you want to cut it shorter. The rag, okay. Um Matt says that the rag ones would go better. Yeah somebody's suggesting that I attach a name to the things that I get sent to me in the mail. That's a very good suggestion. Okay. That would be hard though when people send me buttons. Because usually I clean them, sort them out, and put them in my button box. Okay so we need to figure out what we want on the bottom. And These are the two that it will be going with. That one has just a wheel and two beads. And this one has these two big things. Gonna get this double through this. And I could do I could just do that and then we'll glue it to this, okay? Maybe I'll do that. So it's a little bit taller and higher up. I think I will do that. Em to all look sort of different. Alright, I'm going to, I'm not going to glue this bottom piece because it was so tight. I could barely get it on but I am going to glue the beads and this small front school thing and the only reason why I'm really doing that is just to make it easy to hang on to as I'm tying Alright. So what I did with both of these is I kind of alternated what I have. So this is a piece of cotton duck. And these fabrics are thicker. So you'll be able to get less of them on your little dowel. Because the knots aren't small like just with the tool. Okay so I did a cotton duck and then this is a lace. Oh and let me show you that lace real quick. This is a piece of the lace and I'm going to turn my knots every kind of other direction so they're not all stacked up. Okay so with this lace I'll just pull out a piece. Is 6 inches This is so pretty. And I really had no idea what I would do with it. I had no idea I'd be making Christmas trees. Okay so this is way too wide to use. And these trees look messy. So I just cut it in strokes. I don't care if the edges are jagged and on this outside part where it has that seam or whatever you would call that, I just cut that off. Doesn't matter if you're if you cut straight. Or if it's you know what not. It just doesn't matter. So then I have three pieces of lace from one wide piece. Okay so I did a canvas a lace. Um let's do one of these long pieces of the the Dollar Tree lace. I didn't have these in the other trees. And I just decided to add that. And then this is the muslin. Oh my gosh this stuff is so pretty. I have really not ever worked with it before. Um I always go for the thicker kind of fabrics but I am going to probably iron that and do some more crafts with it this year for sure. I'm just twisting my knots around. And then let's do Um let's just do another piece of canvas. It's going to get a haircut so don't worry if your knots aren't completely centered. Here's a piece of the slightly thinner lace. And I didn't go in any planned out system. I just randomly picked things up. I'm going to be watching football this afternoon in my comfy recliner. And I think that's when I will finish up my trees. Okay so as you're going along you're going to be twisting your knots so they're all different directions and pushing it down. So you can really really load it up. Alright. So then this will be glued on here. When it's okay let's put this away because that's pretty self explanatory how to do that part. And I will finish this one up today, this afternoon. Okay, but let's finish this one. So, I have already given it a little bit of a haircut but it's the same idea. It's not as easy to just pull up a big section of tool but I'm just eyeballing it and the ones that seem really long I'm going to give a little snip And that is basically how you do the haircut on this kind of a tree. So then I glued it to my wood round. And for this one I do want it to be shorter a little bit. And I think we'll do the same idea with I can find one of these that would No, I think that's going to be too tall. Maybe we'll just copy the other one. The other idea. And I'm going to do a wood bead and then I'm going to do some of these snowflakes. And then I'll show you how you can add buttons. So I would do this whole tree. I'm not going to cover every bit of it. Um but I would you know put ten or fifteen buttons on each tree. Stickers are hard to get off. Talka says she loves these ones better than the cotton candy ones. These are more my style. That is for sure. Um they really are. But you know I do everything in cream. Gray. Like this is a perfect example. These were some Christmas trees that we made I guess a week ago or so. And they're very muted. And they have my favorite stuff on them. Canvas deck, lace. This is quilt batting. Um this is the Victorian pattern stencil with metallic ink and this is canvas deck. So yeah I tend to have the my go-to colors. And this is totally more my style. Okay I'm going to put some glue on here. My bead on. Push it down. And then We'll add our little snowflake. Cindy says she loves the muted trees with the Victorian pattern on it. These would be very pretty. All of them. If I had this Look at my glue strings. If I had this little wood glittered thing to put on them. But I don't. So we're using what I have. And we're going to use the stuff like on this one. Then I'll figure out something different for the third tree. It's still pretty darn cute. Tripped over my gluing device. Um okay so let's just review real quick because basically you make these two trees. Almost exactly the same as you make these ones. It's just we're using a different ingredient. These ones are tool. These ones are a variety of canvas, lace, muslin, and they are going to have some buttons on them. This one has buttons but basically you need a dowel whatever size you want and you need some of these wood rounds or something as a base to put it on. It doesn't have to be this big. This is just what I had So it could be like this big. Um so you need a base and then you can do something like a wheel to stick your dowel in. Something to hold it that you can glue flat. So it could be like this. Or a vintage wood thread spool you know or a round bead something like that so those are just kind of the basics and then what I ended up deciding was that I don't like my trees to be super fat or long at the bottom so for me personally I like the strips to be eight inches long towards the bottom and then when you get about halfway up to switch to the six inch strips. Whether it's strips of tool or strips of a variety of things. Um and then I put a little topper on it. Added some little do dabs. And that is pretty much it. I do think it would be really cute to do a tree that has all different colors of tulle in it. It would make it be more you know like this idea. Um and if I could have found some creamy ivory or taupe tulle. Then that would definitely go with my colors and in my house but I'm thrilled I'm so glad that I saw this post on Facebook a few days ago of some super bright colored tool Christmas trees and I'm so glad that I couldn't stop thinking about them it's a super simple craft if you can cut strips and tie knots you can do it it just takes a while to cut all the strips and to tie all the knots but you don't have to have any special skills to do it and or tools or anything. It's just really pretty darn simple. So what do you guys think? Let me scooch this over. And I will get some good pictures when I have the third trees completed. You're going to have strings from tearing your fabric everywhere. You're going to have little bits and pieces of things everywhere. I had stuff stuck to the bottom of my socks earlier but you're going to totally enjoy it. And okay so let me tell you a couple things and then I'll I'll quit talking. Number one. If you do either one of these projects I want to see what you did. I am so curious to see what your spin is on this idea. Because you know people I guess since the 60s and the seventies have been making tool Christmas trees. Um this was just my spin on an idea. There's really nothing new under the sun in crafting anymore. Or that I I can think of. There's just different spins or interpretations on ideas. So I want to see what your spin or interpretation on these ideas is. And I have a Facebook group that I set up that's free. If you haven't joined it yet you should. It's dreamy DIY. So you just put in your Facebook search bar dreamy. Then you do space and then you do DIY. Be sure to answer the questions when you get there. It's a group just for sharing craft projects. Please don't share information about you know Mary Kay lipstick or that kind of thing or anything political obviously be nice to the other crafters there what's the other thing oh and please don't share other crafters videos in there other than me and I'll put my videos in there because it's my group because when you do that then I get a million questions about how adorable Barb from the Shabby Tree did this or that and she has like over a million followers and her own groups. So anyways so we just ask you those three questions if you agree then we'll let you in. Then you can start looking at all the amazing pictures that other crafters have shared in that group. I have gotten some really good ideas there. And if you do one of these you can share your pictures there too. So that was the first thing to join that group. If you haven't and to share pictures for sure. Please. I want to see. I'm so curious to see what your spin on these ideas is. It was this was so easy. Seriously. Um the other thing is I want to encourage you to like and follow this page, DIY Dreaming and to sprinkle this video to your social media. If you liked it, those are the things that help me, help me grow this page, grow my audience, all of that good stuff Um so if you'll like and follow this page consider sprinkling and do this or this or say something to me in the comments then it's more likely than not that Facebook will show you what I have coming up. And tomorrow is Sunday which means Christ in Crafting. And I'd really love to have you join me for that. So so those are the two things. Join Dreamy DIY and share pictures. And then make sure that you have liked and followed this page and feel free to sprinkle. Please do sprinkle if you would like to. Um I think that's it. So I'm going to go sit down in my comfy chair. I'm going to be watching the University of Georgia football game versus Vanderbilt this afternoon. And crafting. And cleaning up my craft room. But I'm going to finish the other trees. I'll get pictures. I'll put them here in the comments. I will also put them just separately on the page. Uh let's see. What else? If you have questions about what the what the ingredients were and you joined at the middle or towards the end of this video when I'm not live anymore, just come back to this video and watch it again on replay or watch the first 20 minutes of it on replay because that's where I went over everything and Shannon says she missed it but she will watch the replay. Oh my gosh. Yeah, I gave all the specifics about where everything came from. Oops, I forgot to to you about my buttons. So for the other trees I'll just be adding a variety of buttons. Some of the buttons that I have here are made of mother of pearl. And they're they're vintage. They're bold. And then some are like this. Which I love these. These are carved bone. So I'll just be doing a variety of different buttons that I'm going to glue on all of my rag trees. Oh hey and one one last thing I promise. Rag tree canvas rag tree canvas rag Christmas tree. None of those names for this are cute. But cotton candy tool Christmas trees is a cute name. So help me figure out what to call these that will be something cute and something memorable. I would I would love to have your suggestions. How I came up with the idea of cotton candy was somebody in the comments said oh I love the cotton candy colors. And I've been thinking this reminds me of cotton candy. So anyways. Okie dokie. Thanks for watching. Have a blessed rest of your day. Uh follow this page. Sprinkle. Ask questions if you would like. Come back tomorrow for and crafting and I will see you guys later. Bye.
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