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Archaic Line - Necklaces

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From the very well known coins of the Ptolemai. This one known as the coin of Syracuse, which depicted Arethusa with hair restrained at back of head, and dolphins swimming around her. Circa 400 B.C.


Our bigger "simple" chocker hammered to shape through hundreds of hand beatings, to resemble the ancient ways of forming, and decorated with two 8-9mm lapis lazuli beads.


An inspiration and tribute to the Greek God of wine Dionysos.This necklace with its hand carved vine leafs and grape branches, resembles the ancient Cypriots love to wine and its God. Taken from the Paphos mosaics.


Reproduction of the gold pendant from the necklace found in the Sanctuary of Aphrodite.

Archaic Line, hammered 18 carat gold bracelet with pomegranates and bees. Pomegranate is considered as the fruit of Aphrodite, which is a symbol of prosperity and fertility. Bee is a symbol of virtue and contribution.