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Kristen fell in love with cob after visiting a cob building site and immediately started to draw up plans for her home. She wanted a house that was able to breath, with soft shapes and built from 100% natural materials. More including video at

cob and straw bale house - what we would need to build for optimal insulation in a colder climate. Central mass heater and two cast iron stoves as well as a greenhouse keeps the house warm. Looks beautiful inside!

See the greenest homes around -- these impressive abodes were built using soil, sand and straw

Lotus Cottage in West Virginia, USA has a rubble trench foundation with exterior straw bale walls plastered with lime outside and clay inside. All the timber was locally grown and lots of salvaged parts like windows were used in the building.

I like it. From:

This interior space could be created in our current living room space. I need to learn how to apply cob to an existing structure. An expansion of our current window units in that main living area will allow more natural light and views of our property.