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If I ever have Grandkids, I'm going to try this science experiment with them.  Soak an egg in vinegar and it eats the shell and looks like a rubber ball.

Bouncy ball egg to explain Biblical truth about bad influences, sin, and the hardening of hearts

Object Lesson: Peer Pressure in a Bottle

Object Lesson: Peer Pressure in a Bottle This is an object lesson on peer pressure. You& need a balloon, black Sharpie marker, and an empty water bottle.

Haven't tried this yet but... homemade cooking spray -- without the nasty additives! One part olive oil to five parts water. Shake before each use

Homemade Cooking Spray: 1 part olive oil (or your choice of oil) to 5 parts water. Fill a misting spray bottle. Instructions Place oil and water into spray bottle. Shake well before eachuse.