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You ever take a photo and then look at it with regret? No? Well, enough people have for us to make a list of it!  Maybe it’s a selfie gone wrong. Or snapping a photo of what turns out to be an embarrassing moment. These things happen. And when they do, all you can do is give yourself a palm to the face.

50 Photos captured in a moment just before a facepalm

Having a rough day? Check out these photos that will leave you shaking your head in amazement.

For whatever reason, people never seem to be satisfied with what they have. Included are siblings. Even those with incredible families often daydream about having a different brother or sister. Usually, that happens when there’s fighting going on but other times, it’s more of a fantasy…you know, what would life be like if so and so were my brother or sister.

75 Funny Siblings Every Family Dreams Of Having

It’s one hilarious prank after another.

Shopping at Walmart generally isn’t all that exciting. Maybe that’s why some people seem to go out of their way to liven it up a little (or a little too much).  We’ve seen some strange, crazy, and downright bizarre clothing and behaviors at Walmart over the years.

75 outrageous people shopping at Walmart we couldn't make up if we tried

Some of us go to Walmart to pick up a bag of Doritos. Some go for the strangest fashion show on earth. Which one are you?

Do you remember all the times when something really strange or inexplicable happened and you just couldn’t believe it was true? It could’ve been a strange coincidence, a déjà vu that kept happening for a long time, or a bizarre accident no one could’ve seen coming. Kitchen Bar Design, Lace Dream Catchers, Most Beautiful Birds, Fire Nails, Eye Makeup Steps, Cool Hair Color, Kids Decor, Bts, Hair Lengths

65 photos that totally freaked people out upon taking a closer look

If you look closely there are details you may have missed.

A household can get pretty busy. Especially when everyone is on different schedules. That’s why parents like to leave notes to communicate with their family members. Gothic Makeup, Fantasy Makeup, Fairy Makeup, Makeup Art, Baby Boston Terriers, Cheer Makeup, Carnival Makeup, Most Beautiful Birds, Fire Nails

50 hilarious notes left behind by mom and dad

They know just how to push their kids buttons.

Sometimes our outfits don’t always go as planned. Sometimes we notice before it’s too late. Sometimes we notice fashion flubs before we even buy the garment.  But sometimes we don’t. And what’s even worse is that we end up wearing these things Fantasy Makeup, Fantasy Hair, Gothic Makeup, Fairy Makeup, Mermaid Makeup, Makeup Art, Rave Makeup, Cheer Makeup, Wardrobe Fails

65 wardrobe fails people had to point and call out immediately

These are just embarrassing.

Getting married with someone who has a good sense of humor is a good thing. You’ll experience less stress and you’ll be able to have fun most of the time. The problem is when your partner has a wicked sense of humor. If that’s the case, you have to be prepared. Wife Humor, Wife Jokes, Your Wife, Funny Photos, Night Out, Funny Memes, Funny Pins, Funny Stuff, Wrap Dress

60 hilarious photos that show why you shouldn’t mess with your wife

Word to the wise, don't do it!

Building a good relationship with your co-workers is important for your success. After all, just like you, they are a part of the company or business you are working for. Now, co-workers aren’t always difficult. In fact, a lot of them have personalities and traits that can really brighten up your day at work. Fairy Makeup, Makeup Art, Eye Makeup, Baby Boston Terriers, Fantasy Makeup, Gothic Makeup, Carnival Makeup, Most Beautiful Birds, Fire Nails

75 hilarious coworkers that make work so much better

Everyone wishes they had co-workers like this around at all times.

There comes a time in a woman’s life when they need a new life, a transformation, a makeover, and a change. They leave their old life behind and create new memories with a brand newfound confidence. Baby Boston Terriers, Honey Brown Hair, Kitchen Bar Design, Beauty Makeover, Carnival Makeup, Most Beautiful Birds, Eye Makeup Steps, Korma, Cool Hair Color

Wife’s Sultry New Makeover Has Husband Tearing Up

I believe he fell in love with her all over again.

Modern fashion has always been a weird mix of beautiful clothing items and others that are completely bizarre. This list focuses on the bizarre. We’re not sure what these people and designers were thinking. Sully, Dark Humour Memes, Humor, Modern Fashion, Fashion Design, Baby Boston Terriers, Clothing Items, Girl Gang, Kids Decor

50 People Who Have Their Own Definition Of Fashion

If nothing else, at least they are rockin’ their own style.

What do bright purple lights in the sky, a metal pill box hidden in a tree trunk, a tea kettle with a rather large opening, and clear dog poop all have in common? Funny Tweets, Funny Jokes, Memes Humor, Cool Pins, Good Jokes, Can't Stop Laughing, Internet, Good To Know, Fun Facts

55 times people had no idea what they were looking at

I couldn't tell you what any of these things are.

High school seniors Chase Smith and Sadie Mills started dating six months ago and had planned to meet several huge life milestones together.  They envisioned graduating high school, going to college to continue their swimming and diving careers, and getting married. 5k Training For Beginners, Fire Nails, Cool Hair Color, High School Seniors, Kids Decor, Hair Hacks, Relationship Goals, Getting Married, Cool Hairstyles

Left With Months To Live Teens Wed In Bride’s Yard Shortly After Learning Their Time Together Is Up

The touching ceremony is one their families will never forget.

A Tennessee woman’s fiancé came to her defense after she was asked to cover up or leave the pool at her apartment complex. Tori Jenkins was wearing a one piece pink bathing suit that had a high rise butt which management referred to as a “thong.” Bathing Suit Covers, Bathing Suits, Look In The Mirror, Just Amazing, Most Beautiful Women, Love Her, One Piece, Told You So, Long Hair Styles

Mom Wearing One-Piece Asked To Leave Pool To Not Excite Boys. Her Fiancé’s Reply Is Going Viral

This mom had the perfect reply to the pool administrators who asked her to leave. She was totally disrespected!

According to all the stereotypes, men are supposed to be naturally good at repairs, construction, and moving furniture. However, the reality isn’t always that simple. They may try, but that doesn’t always mean they’ll get it done right – or safely. Red Spray Paint, Kitchen Bar Design, Most Beautiful Birds, Moving Furniture, Fire Nails, Eye Makeup Steps, Diy Wallpaper, Kids Decor, Eye Mekup

50 times a man’s ego was too big for his own good

Men are expected to be capable of anything. That's a big expectation. Actually meeting it can take some real innovation - or something closer to insanity.