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Roasted Milk Tea
· 5 servings Bahan : • 40 g teh tubruk • 150 g gula pasir (bisa disesuaikan manisnya) • 1 sdt vanilla essence • 200 ml air • 300 ml susu evaporasi • 700 ml susu full cream Es batu Cara Membuat : • 1. Siapkan panci (yang tebal) masukkan teh nyalakan api hingga, panaskan hingga keluar aromanya baru masukkan gula, masak hingga gula meleleh . • 2. Masukkan air, aduk kembali • 3. Terakhir masukkan susu evaporasi dan full cream serta vanilla essence masak hingga sedikit mendidih . • 4. Saring dan tuang kedalam botol/ teko 5. Siapkan gelas berisi es batu, tuang roasted milk tea.
four major types of food are shown in this diagram, including broth and noodles
What is your favorite ramen? #ramen #shoyu #tonkotsu #miso #shio | Instagram
Easy Aromatic Chinese Chili Oil
the instructions for how to make chicken marinade with ingredients in bags and labeled on each side
Best Chicken Marinade Recipes
Best Chicken Marinade Recipes
a person is holding a plastic bowl with food in it that includes chicken, rice and avocado
delicious healthy lunch bowl
Meal prep , meal plan , recipe , lunch , bowl , cava , chipotle , healthy meal , nutritious
the tuna sushi and sashimi cuts are shown in this poster, which shows how to
Funny Vintage Garage Wooden Signs Artwork ​- Tuna Sushi and Sashimi Cuts -Spiritually Encouraging Natural Wooden Board Print Poster Wall Decoration
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a poster with different types of liquor bottles and labels on the side, labeled flavoring chart for each bottle
How to Build a Cocktail
an illustrated diagram shows the different types of meats and how they are cooked in them
Guía definitiva de cortes de carne de ternera
Chinese Garlic Sauce
30-min. Chinese Chili Oil
A 30-min. Chinese Chili Oil. A spicy, delicious, chili oil made of red chili flakes, onion and other aromatics. Easy to make at home! Recipe:
Chinese Steamed Egg
Steamed Egg
soy sauce eggs (shoyu tamago)