Cut up some of your favorite fruits (bananas + strawberries + blueberries) and mix it in with yogurt +nuts + chia seeds + cinnamon Lunch! Fried egg + mushrooms + eggplant, on a b…

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My life in colors on a sunny morning from week. Beetroot chia-almond pudding with loooots of fresh fruit, homemade yogurt, cacao-macadamia clusters and chia-mix sprinkles. Ready for a new week chia hippielaneapp eattherainbow


Still Life: Shutter speed: 1000 Aperture: I chose this picture because I thought this still life was different than the regular ones of fruits, as it had pomegranate seeds included, with a metal spoon.

polka dot

Beautiful food photography: fruits, berries, sweet dessert, healthy and fresh, peach

Blackberries, Blueberries and Pomegranate Seeds by Kirsty Begg | Stocksy United

GOOD although this is not necessarily a prepared food, this photo is visually appealing because of the dark tones. The dark berries contrasted with the bright silver spoon makes me believe that the juice is sweet and those will be delicious berries.