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Coconut chia pudding, vanilla almond yogurt, blueberries, and blackberries

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My life in colors on a sunny morning from week. Beetroot chia-almond pudding with loooots of fresh fruit, homemade yogurt, cacao-macadamia clusters and chia-mix sprinkles. Ready for a new week chia hippielaneapp eattherainbow


Still Life: Shutter speed: 1000 Aperture: I chose this picture because I thought this still life was different than the regular ones of fruits, as it had pomegranate seeds included, with a metal spoon.

polka dot

Beautiful food photography: fruits, berries, sweet dessert, healthy and fresh, peach

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Berry delicious😌⚡️💘 The fruits in this plate are: frozen blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Don't you love their look and color when they are defrosting?😍😍 Hope you are having a wonderful day!

essie liebt rauchige Töne mit dem gewissen Etwas. Unser Mauveton angora cardi bezirzt kurz vor Frühlingsbeginn mit einer ausstrahlenden Wärme.

TEXTURE- *summer* *delight* I want a bear lake shake right now. Design styles you could pull from this is a white spacey living room with some contrasting REDS and accent pieces.


Blackberries (by Aleksandra_Konwa) The AldoMan eats them several times a week.

Detox with DROP bottle | Fashionable Drink Bottle: www.dropbottle.co

June 2013 First strawberry patch, planted this summer 2013 can’t wait. I love the red color, remember eat fresh and healthy know what you are eating. Pictures of my garden will be posted soon,.