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a painting of pink flowers and butterflies in a vase with the word joli mardi on it
an advertisement for a women's boutique with pink ribbon and rose in the center
a cup of coffee sitting on top of a white saucer next to some flowers
two yellow and purple flowers are in front of a colorful background with the words, je vos souhate un tis beau mardi
Beau mardi
a teddy bear wearing a helmet and raincoat with hearts floating in the air behind it
a card with a teddy bear holding an umbrella in it's paws and the words bon mardi written below
a valentine card with a teddy bear holding a heart shaped balloon in the air and text that reads, couc
a woman in a yellow dress holding a rose with the words bonjou on it
Belle Photo
a small kitten with its mouth open and tongue out in front of the caption
a poster with a cat and a mouse on it's back cover for bonjou
a painting of a cow with its head on a coffee cup and the words, passe un bon mardi bisous
a cup of coffee with the words bon mardi on it and a red heart