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Sheba Aninoiu

Sheba Aninoiu
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MOST SATISFYING SLIME VIDEO EVER!!! (Compilation) // diySatisfying - YouTube

Most satisfying/relaxing slime poking video 😍😍 More satisfying the more you watch💸 Turn volume up - if you can't here the satisfying sounds 🔊⬆️ We sell slime.

4 DIY natural lip and cheek stain

4 DIY natural lip and cheek stain but with coconut oil instead of olive oil & probably shea butter or bees wax to harden the stain to more of a solid especially if u want to put it in a chapstick like container twist up so u don't stain ur hands

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When we compare lipstick to eyeliner or eyeshadow, it’s the easiest product to apply. After all, we don’t have to worry about poking our eyes. Plus, it’s a lot less painful if we accidentally jab a tooth or our gums compared to our sensitive peepers.