Painted rocks

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a hand holding a rock with a fish painted on it
a painted rock with mountains and water on it
a painted rock with a barn and sunflowers on it
#GALLSrock #paintedrocks
a rock with a lighthouse painted on it and the words instagram written in english
some rocks with lighthouses painted on them are sitting on a plate in front of a wooden table
four painted rocks with roosters on them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
a painted rock with a giraffe on it
a painted rock with the very hungry caterpillar on it's side and smiling face
a painted rock with an image of a bug sitting on it's back legs
a rock that has been painted with the words listen to your soul
BotanicalSunStudio - Etsy
a painted wooden block with a bird and flowers on the front porch, next to a house
four pictures of painted rocks with bees and flowers on them, each depicting different stages of life