Bogdan Dumitrescu

Bogdan Dumitrescu

Bogdan Dumitrescu
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There's more on this site, and it was hard to choose just one to pin. If you like this, you'll see many others that will capture your imagination as well. #photography #art

Born in Leningrad, photographer and photo manipulator Vladimir Fedotko currently lives and works in St. After discovering Adobe Photoshop in Fedotko has used a combination of traditional drawing, photography and computer.

Gaze-activated dresses.

(No)where (Now)here: two gaze-activated dresses by Ying Gao. The gaze-activated dresses are embedded with eye-tracking technology that responds to an observer's gaze by activating tiny motors to move parts of the dresses in patterns

Beautiful and poetic pieces of arts, mixed media artworks and video productions by Makoto Yabuki; Makoto loves creating organic flowing movements with harsh and geometrical shapes.