the chemical formula for eo is shown in black and white on a white background
Excited to dive into the rest of this Brand this month for @eowellnesscollective. Shelby is taking advantage of my #GoToDesigner service and we are going to make some magic happen all month to bring her #essentialoils brand and presence to the next level. logo design, sub logo, hexagon logo, natural logo, essential oils, modern logo, botanical, monogram, branding
the website design for candle and polish, which is designed to look like it has been made
Luxury logo design branding project for copywriter
Brand launch | Candour & Polish, copywriting for lifestyle brands and wedding professionals. Wedding business branding, branding for female entrepreneurs, feminine brand design, luxury branding, logo design, mood board, brand board
the word rad is written in black and white
Rad Logo Design
Check on my Behance: Rad Logo Design (Restaurant, Cafe, Food, and Chef). Created with Inkscape
the black sheep collection logo design
The Black Sheep Collection — Fos & Co.
Simple logo design featuring a few fonts combination | #fonts #typography #logo #logodesign #minimallogo
a tag with the word sona on it hanging from a brown string against a gray background
SOIA Corporate Design - Mindsparkle Mag
SOIA Corporate Design - Mindsparkle Mag Graphic design, packaging tag, branding, logo inspiration for creative entrepreneurs, graphic designers.
the logos for juice & co, juice bar, and wellness yoga studio are shown here
Here and Now Creative Co.
Logo design by Here + Now Creative Co. | brands rooted in goodness, logo design, minimal logos, yoga studio logo, wellness logo, juice bar logo, branding
the wild co logo on an orange background
The Wild Company - Logo variations by Leah Sylvia Creative. Logo design and alternate logo including a submark in a rustic, handwritten style for a fun and wild brand. #branding #logodesign #rustic #handwritten #boho #bohemian #branddesign #logo Branding, logo, graphic design inspiration.
the letter q is made up of black letters on a light gray background, and it appears to be in two different font styles
Monogram / Personal Logo
Monogram / Personal Logo
an info sheet with different font and numbers on it, including the words don't frisk
Domi + Frisk | Brand identity and business name for a cat tree company
Domi + Frisk Brand Identity by Aeolidia ... #branding #brandidentity #logo #logodesign #branddesign
the logo for ken wood's experiental marketing campaign is shown in black and white
Typography, Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Branding Identity, and Typography Fonts image inspiration on Designspiration
Kenwood Experimental Marketing
the letter s and leaf logo is shown on a dark green background with white lettering
Celebrating Chilaquiles
Modern and simple logo design | #logo #logodesign #design #minimal
the logo for maryanne da costa's architecture project, which has been designed in black and white
Cloudnola Flipping Out: A Sleek Clock with Retro Designs and Modern Materials
the website for verso is displayed in black and white, with an image of a
Web UI, UI Design, Website Layouts, UI, and Web Design image inspiration on Designspiration
Goed - het is simpel maar toch heel strak. Door de witte achtergrond is het een overzichtelijke site
the logo for k g alcott consulting is shown in white on a beige background
Design, branding, brand, brand identity, logo, logos, graphic design, identity, web, website, website design, editorial, magazine, print, business card, illustration, lettering, hand lettering, color, interior design, home, decor, auction,
the logos for different brands are shown in black and white, including one with a letter m
Cloudnola Flipping Out: A Sleek Clock with Retro Designs and Modern Materials
the website for art and anhemm is displayed on a tabletop, with images of people lying in bed
Clean, minimal, modern logo and brand identity for Art & Anthem photographer. Design by Aloe Creative
Work In Porgress by Rose van der Ende Hand Drawn, Van, Vector Design, Feminine Logo
Work In Porgress
Work In Porgress by Rose van der Ende
the logos for two photographers, one with a k and one with a letter on it
K by Chris Edington
the logo for fierce league is shown in pink and blue colors, with letters that appear to
FL Monogram
FL Monogram by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia
the logo for utra hotel can be seen here in two different colors, one blue and white
Utra Branding
Utra Branding by Ted Kulakevich
the logo for paper is shown in blue and white, as well as an image of a
Paper by Eddie Lobanovskiy
a red background with the words legendd written in white letters on top of it
Sahar - Hot & heavy sans (preview)
Sahar - Hot & heavy sans (preview) by Moh'd M. Khatib
the logo for osaka, an online font and typogramm shop
Osaka | Designer Font Duo
Osaka | Designer Font Duo by Graphic Assets
the words milk and honey written in white on a brown background
Milk + Honey | Primary Logo
Milk + Honey | Primary Logo by Breanna Rose
Women at Zendesk
Women at Zendesk by Sean Heisler
the logo for future club nendesk
Zendesk Culture Club
Zendesk Culture Club by Sean Heisler
the connect logo on a white background
Connect Logo
Connect Logo by Paulius Kairevicius
the website for an art studio with many different colors and shapes, including red, yellow,
Angélica – Brand Board
Brand Identity for Stationary Brand
the logo for clayton coffee and tea, modesto, ca on a pink background
Clayton Coffee & Tea
Clayton Coffee & Tea by Sean Heisler
four different logos designed for coffee and tea company, including one with the word clatonn on it
Top 4 of 2018
Top 4 of 2018 by Sean Heisler
the logo for human rights, with an orange heart on it's left side
Fivestar Branding Agency – Business Branding and Web Design for Small Business Owners
Human Rights Non-Profit Logo. Warm but professional logo and color.
the packaging design is designed to look like it has been made from cardboard and paper
The Design Blog - Graphic Design, Branding, and Packaging Inspiration
OROQ Identity by Plat via The Design Blog curated by Packaging Diva PD. Clever logo on this packaging PD
the logo for florence & co is shown in three different colors and styles
Florence & Co.
Florence & Co. by Alexa Erkaeva
the logos for little fire, drawn - by - hand flowers and watering equipment are shown
Julie Hill -- brand assets
Julie Hill -- brand assets by Mary Frances Foster
the word well written in white on a blue background
Well Logotype
Well Logotype by Sean Farrell
some type of sticker that is on a pink background with the words plant based, frozen treats, made simple with 6 ingredients
Label Elements
Label Elements by Hannah Hart
three different logos for some kind of chocolate shop, including one with leaves and the other with
Eldora Chocolate Badges
Eldora Chocolate Badges by Ceren Burcu Turkan
an orange handwritten text that reads, love and amo with the words in cursive font
Fiore Di Campo
Fiore Di Campo by Meghan Cook
some type of logo designed for an interior and furniture store, with the word thrift on
Thrivemark Alternative Mark 2
Thrivemark Alternative Mark 2 by Will Krech
some type of stamps that are used to describe the different types of items in this set
Warm ups with Shakespeare
Warm ups with Shakespeare by Luke Harrison
Her Logo Design
Her Logo Design by Paulius Kairevicius
the word peachy is written in blue on a pink background
Peachy Logotype
Peachy Logotype by Joshua Krohn
the awful kind logo on a beige background
The Awful Kind Logo - Alternate Color
The Awful Kind Logo - Alternate Color by Tim Martin
the logo for kind is shown in two different colors
Kind by Muhammad Ali Effendy