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many different kinds of cactus in pots on the ground
Sempervivums sempervivum uk hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy
purple flowers growing out of the top of a potted plant in front of some grass
small pink flowers growing out of the ground next to some rocks and mossy plants
Sedum dasyphyllum
many different types of succulents growing on rocks
Sherman Gardens: home of the world's most famous succulent mosaic
large rocks with plants growing out of them on display at an outdoor market stall in the city
3 Things I Spotted This Week - #9 -
a pile of rocks with small green plants growing out of them
The Amazing World of Succulents
several succulents growing on the side of a stone wall
Echeveria wall
several succulents are growing on the rocks
Private Site
a wall made out of bricks with flowers growing on it and plants growing in the middle