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an old fireplace with many different designs on it
Moravian Pottery and Tile Works - Wikipedia
the interior of an old building with many windows
Fonthill Week, Day Three
an old building with stained glass windows and stone steps leading up to the top floor
Fonthill | Sam Gray Photo Blog
the bathroom is decorated with colorful tiles and pictures
Fonthill Castle Update and New Date Announcement!
an old library with many bookshelves and paintings on the walls, along with a bench
Library Fonthill Castle
an archway leading into a room with paintings on the wall
The Fuji X-E1 and 14mm lens at Fonthill
there is a large vase in the corner of this room with many pictures on it
Tile Mosaic by Henry Mercer
a ceramic tile with some yellow flowers in it's center and the word love spelled below
Tile of the Moment
two figurines sitting next to each other on the ground
Moravian Pottery and Tile Works
an intricately carved wooden wall with figures on it
100 year old hand made tile
the interior of an old fashioned kitchen with many items on shelves and windows above it
Henry's workspace
the top of a brick tower with decorative decorations on it
Moravian Pottery and Tile Works