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Janan Grant

Tarot Spread - Releasing Trauma — Emerald Lotus Divination

This spread will hopefully shed light on how your traumatic experience has shaped your personality, the way you view yourself and your relationships, and how you will change as a result of letting go and moving forward.

Tarot Spread - Healing Your Inner Child — Emerald Lotus Divination

Working with the inner child, dealing with past trauma, showing love and compassion where it was lacking will result in an explosion of emotion. Inner child work will impact your current day to day life, regardless of your age or your life story.

Tarot Spread - Channeling Your Divine Gifts — Emerald Lotus Divination

These are my favorite spreads to do and to share with you guys! Ones that make you feel whole, positive and inspired to find your truth and chase after it. We all have the ability to live our best lives and be the fullest humans possible.

Tarot Spread - Leaving the Past Behind — Emerald Lotus Divination

We all have things we want to move on from and let go of... experiences, jobs, habits, locations, relationships - the possibilities are endless. Certain things are easier to let go of than others. Some we find ourselves continually revisiting even though each time we sa

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Tarot Spread - Becoming Your Best Self — Emerald Lotus Divination

The best version of ourselves resides within. It isn't about changing into someone else but rather it involves going inward to explore the beauty that is already inside.

Tarot Spread - Standing in Your Power (Improving Confidence) — Emerald Lotus Divination

Why don't we use our power? Why don't we believe in ourselves? Why don't we see our own potential? This tarot spread will help answer those questions and inspire you to start standing in your power.

Tarot Spread - Facing Life's Challenges — Emerald Lotus Divination

Do you notice yourself continually running into similar challenges over and over again? If so, it's a great indicator that overcoming those challenges is a crucial step on your life path.

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A new spread by yours truly!

Tarot Spread - 4 Card Anxiety & Stress Relief — Emerald Lotus Divination

Here is a quick and simple 4 card tarot spread to do when you're feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed. Use this spread any time you feel you need to regulate your body and get a handle on your pesky emotions.

Tarot Spread - Allowing Yourself to Bloom — Emerald Lotus Divination

I wanted to share this spread with you to encourage recognizing and enhancing that subtle growth within you. Each day it is always in our power to either bloom or wilt. Let's bloom!

Tarot Spread - Nostalgia: Releasing an Emotional Blockage — Emerald Lotus Divination

If you are like me and nostalgia makes you feel sick or uneasy - there is likely a reason. It's probably that the memory reminds you of a time that you tie to a negative emotion. This could be something simple like an embarrassment or something more severe like a traumatic experience.

Tarot Spread - Assessing the Need for Change — Emerald Lotus Divination

This tarot spread will help you assess which area of your life could use a bit of refreshing. Change doesn't have to be a huge shift, it can be something small that makes a big difference in our happiness.