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This classic zucchini relish has just a hint of dry mustard. Pint size jars make it an easy and inexpensive gift.

Sweet Sunshine Pickles

Judy's Pickled Squash

Recipe from Sara Foster, chef and author of Sara Foster's Southern Kitchen. "An overabundance of fast-growing yellow squash inspired my sister, Judy, to make these unusually gratifying sweet squash pickles. They can elevate anything from a simple dish of beans and rice to a fried egg sandwich. You can use any kind of summer squash, from sundrops to pattypans to zucchini."

Set some of that abundant summer squash aside for the winter months with this awesome pickled squash recipe.

Sweet Zucchini Relish

Headspace: Chow-Chow...Horrible Name, Tasty Relish

This chow-chow recipe is a southern favorite where they grow huge heads of crisp cabbage, which is a favorite relish to be eaten with a bowl of pinto beans. It's also great on hot dogs.


Chowchow, a slightly tangy Southern vegetable relish, is terrific with everything from hot dogs to corn bread and is a perfect way to preserve summer produce like bell peppers and green tomatoes.