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Anti-Fox No-Dig Skirts for Chicken Runs

Anti-Fox No-Dig Skirt for Chicken Runs - Medium size (perimiter measurement between 9.3m and 14.6m)IF ORDERING THE SKIRT FOR A NON-FLYTE SO FANCY RUN, PLEASE STATE SIZE OF YOUR RUN WHEN ORDERING - LENGTH x WIDTH. Please enter this in the 'delivery instructions' box during the checkout.A simple solution to prevent Foxes and Badgers digging under you Poultry Run. Four 10 inch wide strips of 2in x 2in strong 16g weldmesh ready to lay on the ground under the edges of your run and held in place…

My Functional And Eye Catching Chicken Coop Design

Check out this amazing chicken coop design complete with a dutch door, stylish outdoor solar lights, nesting box ideas, and more!! Stylish and functional!

Hen House Update

A blog about fresh, healthy food, made from scratch with a little home keeping, light homesteading, tips and gardening tossed in.

15 Brilliant Kitchen Tricks That Actually Work

Here are 15 tricks for the kitchen that actually work, and some of them might surprise you!

Gorgeous chicken coop design ideas, complete with tin roof, board and batten, a dutch door and stylish outdoor solar lights! Farmlife

My Functional And Eye Catching Chicken Coop Design

Gorgeous chicken coop design ideas, complete with tin roof, board and batten, a dutch door and stylish outdoor solar lights! Farmlife

DIY Easy Drain Duck Pond - Easy to clean swimming pond for pet ducks

This DIY Easy Drain Duck Pond is easy to clean and your ducks will love splashing around to cool down in their new swimming hole.

How to keep the duck house dry?

My ducks and hens share the same large henhouse and eat out of a 3gal. metal gravity fed feeder and the same for the water, The ducks with running from...

New pen layout

Todd has been busy in the duck pen over the last few weeks. He decided to move the duck house into the back corner, but to do that he had to move the pond. Yes, MOVE the in-ground pond. He also added a little door to the house so that the girls would feel more secure in it. And, he changed the roof over the nesting boxes. Instead of a hinge, it now has a removable center section (on the side bump-out) that lifts out so we can get the eggs. You can also see here that we've added some sod (but…

Making a Duck Pond

This is a guide about making a duck pond. Raising backyard fowl is becoming quite popular. If you choose to have ducks they will need a some type of pond.

VEG Design Solutions, Part Three: How to Drain a Duck Pond Without Getting Poo on Your Hands - The Permaculture Research Institute

Dan Palmer Photo © Craig Mackintosh by Dan Palmer, Very Edible Gardens The Site-Specific Design

Eierschalenfarbe - Eier Meier AG

Stimmt es, dass weisse Hühner weisse Eier legen und braune Hühner braune Eier? Wir bieten Ihnen auf Wunsch weisse oder braune Eier.

11 Things You Need To Know About Raising Backyard Ducks

You'll love raising backyard ducks, but there are some very important things you need to consider before getting started.

Snake in the Duck House! 9 Tips to Help Repel Snakes

Snakes will eat chicken eggs and baby chicks and sometimes even threaten smaller birds. Here are tips to keep snakes at bay.

What does a goose coop need? (duck coop!)

Building a goose coop or duck house. Waterfowl don't need the same things as chickens do, so building ducks or geese a coop is slightly different than building a chicken coop. I'll show you how.