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a soap dispenser sitting on top of a sink next to a faucet
Upcycling: Seifenspender aus alter Whiskeyflasche
a light that is sitting on top of a wooden table next to a brick wall
How I Turned a Fire Extinguisher Into a Decorative Fireplace
a red fire extinguisher with four rolls of toilet paper in it's holder
Fire Extinguisher Reform
a motorcycle helmet and jacket hanging on a wall
It's a Man's World
there are many wrenches and other tools on this metal table top that is sitting in the grass
Welding Projects Tool Table
two pictures of a coffee table made out of metal and glass with lights on top
Steampunk Coffee Table has Glass Top Resting on Carroll Shelby Engine
Industrial, Industrial Pipe Lamp, Industrial Pipe Light, Steampunk Lamp Diy, Pipe Lighting, Metal Lighting, Industrial Pipe
Steampunk Industrial Pipe Gun Lamp
a urinal in the corner of a bathroom with wood paneling and stone walls
13 Of The World's Weirdest Urinals
a scooter made out of old tires and parts
Amazing Wall Lamps Made with Recycled Motorbike Parts - iD Lights
a motorcycle is mounted to the wall with a light on it
Amazing Wall Lamps Made with Recycled Motorbike Parts - iD Lights
two light fixtures hanging from the ceiling in front of a brick wall and vase with flowers
Amazon.com: Ceiling Light Fixtures - Ceiling Light Fixtures / Lighting & Ceiling Fans: Tools & Home Improvement