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Cesta de pascua DIY
a wooden letter that is sitting on top of a shelf next to a christmas wreath
Deco Inspiration: White Christmas
scandinavian christmas decorations | Scandinavian Decorating Ideas for Christmas 2012 | Holiday Crafts
the outline of a flower on a white background is drawn by hand with black ink
Flowers & Wreaths Embroidery Patterns | French Knots
Free Hand Embroidery Flowers Patterns | Free Embroidery Transfer Patterns – Vintage Flowers
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#nails #nailart #rhinestones #glitter #manicure #polish #bling
a drawing of a vine with flowers on it
Broderie d'Antan -sharing.....Image28 Embroidery design
a drawing of flowers and leaves on a white background with the letter o in the center
Flowers from Kalocsa
an embroidered piece of cloth with pink roses on it
Blooming Branch Spray
Designs from - always a winner Great idea for embroidering on denim!