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a cutting board topped with sliced oranges next to a bowl filled with brown sugar
Homemade Chili Lime Seasoning | Mexican Food Recipes by Muy Delish
You'll love this delicious Mexican Chili Lime Seasoning! Perfect to sprinkle on fruit, put on the edge of a drink glass, & even savory dishes.
two jars filled with jam sitting on top of a wooden tray next to orange slices
Homemade Chamoy Sauce | Muy Delish
Make your own Chamoy with this easy recipe! It's Mexico's favorite condiment used in so many ways: on fruit, drinks, snacks and even main dishes.
three tacos on a plate with limes and cilantro in the background
Authentic Beef Birria | Muy Delish
This is an authentic Beef Birria recipe for the most delicious birria you will ever have! The meat is slow-cooked in a fragrant broth made with a variety of herbs and spices like chili peppers, oregano, and cumin, which infuse it with a rich and savory flavor.
tacos, beans and other foods are laid out on the table
Tacos De Carnitas
This Tacos De Carnitas recipe may well be the most tender, moist, and flavorful you’ve ever had! High returns for minimal effort. The pork is cooked in the oven (versus deep fried in lard) until the meat pulls apart effortlessly.
a bowl filled with red onions next to limes
Quick Mexican Pickled Onions Recipe | Muy Delish
An easy recipe for Mexican Pickled Onions using red onions and lime juice as your base. A very popular condiment in Mexico for tacos, tostadas, tortas and more!
a person holding a beer and a taco
Sonora Carne Asada | Muy Delish
This Sonoran Carne Asada recipe is for the authentic way to make this popular Mexican steak. With only 3 ingredients and it’s ready to enjoy in less than 15 minutes!
a glass jar filled with liquid next to a lime
Chipotle Crema, Healthy & Easy!
Chipotle Crema is a jazzed up Mexican crema made with chipotles in adobo. Add layers of flavor to tacos, tortas or your favorite dish!
a plate topped with whipped cream and limes next to two bowls filled with sour cream
Recipe for Cilantro Lime Ranch Crema | Muy Delish
This Cilantro Lime Ranch Mexican Crema will be a staple for your Mexican recipes. It goes perfect on tacos, drizzled on roasted vegetables, enchiladas and more!
a black plate topped with green food next to chips and dips on top of a wooden table
Chilaquiles Verdes
Delicious Chilaquiles Verdes! So easy to make with crispy corn tortillas in tomatillo sauce then toped them with fried eggs, cheese & crema.
a bowl of hummus next to two bowls of pita bread and other food
Frijoles Refritos (Traditional Refried Beans)
These Two-Ingredients Refried Beans are all you need to complete your Mexican meals! Nothing fancy, nothing fake, just great beans from an easy recipe. #mexican #Recipe #homemade #frijoles
a bowl filled with nuts sitting on top of a table
Frijoles Refritos (Traditional Refried Beans)
Make Frijoles De La Olla like a pro! This is a simple recipe for the classic Mexican beans that are slow-cooked in a clay pot or a large pot on the stove.
a white bowl filled with beans and guacamole next to tortilla chips
Easy Refried Black Beans
An easy Refried Black Beans recipe loaded with flavor and ready in less than 25 minutes! It’s incredibly simple, so you don’t need a lot of time or energy to do it, and the flavor is just so good.
two plates filled with food next to a bowl of soup
Creamy Green Chicken Enchiladas
These creamy Chicken Enchiladas Verdes will become your favorite enchiladas recipe! Made with flour tortillas, a creamy filling then baked to perfection.
two plates with rice and vegetables on them
Mexican Red Rice (Arroz Rojo) | Muy Delish
Mexican red rice, also known as arroz rojo, is a traditional Mexican side dish that is easy to prepare. The rice gets its vibrant red color from the addition of tomato sauce during the cooking process, giving it a delicious flavor.
a white plate topped with shredded chicken next to a jar of honey and spoons
Easy Chicken Broth + Shredded Chicken
Learn how to boil chicken breast to make shredded chicken & broth to use in a wide variety of recipes with this easy tutorial.