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he held the leg so tight when saved from a tree haha
Look at this little guy. He can eat well with his hands.😍
a poem written in green and white with paw prints on the bottom, below it
Canine Guardian Angel
a blue dog sitting in front of a white background with the words missing you on it
What your dog might be thinking, right after crossing the rainbow bridge. :(
a dog's bedtime prayer is shown in grey and white with paw prints
Love sleeping with my Dane! Always s snuggles between me and the hubs.
a dog's poem with paw prints on it and an image of a dog laying down
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Dolphins just wanted to play with the horses 🔥
Missing those warm summer days...
Nala, an autism service dog, got to meet her hero
she’s first time howling!!
Sid vicious!
It's nice to know that he takes care of me
a dog is laying on the floor with its head on a toy that looks like a hot dog
Funny Pictures
Gags - Funny Pictures - GetFunWith
two dogs are standing next to each other with the words frigge rules written on them
From 4.95 Jack Russell Terrier Gift - Fridge Rules - Large Fun Flexible Fridge Magnet- Size 16cms X 10 Cms (approx. 6\" X4\")
When bear 🐻 is your best friend
I Rescued My Dog Rearview Mirror Dangle & Keychain (2 Pieces) Ideas, Dog Collar Charms, Dog Tag Necklace, Dog Necklace Collar, Car Charms, Dog Collar, Heart Charm Bracelet, Charm Bracelet, Dog Necklace
I Rescued My Dog Necklace & Collar Charm (2 Piece Set)
I Rescued My Dog Rearview Mirror Dangle & Keychain (2 Pieces)
Lovely Animals <3
Train the bird to sing
Pittie Smiles on Command
Compilation of real supper heroes
Travel with your cat without the usual struggles. Give medicines and trim nails, too! Cat-in-the-bag’s Cozy Comfort Carrier can help! Our heads-out style is designed to keep your cat calm -- no more bracing and scratching as he tries to avoid a carrier that will close him in completely. It’s fear of confinement that scares so many cats about a crate. For nail trimming and medicating, our bag is easier to use and more secure than wrapping him in a towel!
The little guy made it ...
Cat Is SO Gentle With His Squirrel Brother