Čemu opcija "Big Like" u Facebook Messengeru?

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Facebookova aplikacija Paper dobila nove mogućnosti

Guest Big exits, fresh talent, and new programs have been transforming Canada into a startup hotbed.



10 najboljih preglednika za Android

10 Top Best Browsers For Windows PC Here is a list of 10 top best browsers for windows days the internet has become the primary need for each an

Platite 99 centi kako bi vaš prijatelj mogao koristiti WhatsApp!

Discover the WhatsApp secrets that will open a whole new world. There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one very popular social networking app and it only got e

Flappy Bird ponovo na App Storeu?

Flappy Bird comes back! Play flappy bird high score free online here. Do not hit the pipes to get highest scores with thousands of players in the world.

Najbolje igre za iPad ovoga tjedna su…

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iOS 7.1 je napokon pred vratima!

Apple has released a major update for its mobile OS. iOS fixes several vulnerabilities and also provides several new features, including integration of CarPlay, Apple's new technology to use your iPhone in your car.


The renowned DJ application Traktor has moved from your laptop to your iPad with the all new Traktor DJ app from Native Instruments. The comprehensi

Ovo su najbolje aplikacije za čitanje vijesti u 2013. godini

Ovo su najbolje aplikacije za čitanje vijesti u godini

Povežite iUređaj s novim konzolama Xbox i PS uz ove aplikacije

Povežite iUređaj s novim konzolama Xbox i PS uz ove aplikacije