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VIRAL Faux Braid Ponytail🎀
Looking to upgrade your ponytail hairstyles? Save this ponytail tutorial by using the bookmark tool🎀 Try out this viral ponytail braid that is super fluffy and stands out - you’ll need: • A comb • Several mini plastic elastics • Extensions if you’re looking for more volume to your hair so this does make fine hair look fuller than a regular braid • This ponytail also is a great ponytail with bangs just leave them out before you get started • I wore this technique up high but I’ve also done the same steps for side ponytail and you can wear low ponytail this way too and even do a messy ponytail version by roughing up the loops even more🎀 This top is from for love and lemons by the way but I did thrift it off Poshmark so I’m not sure how available it is! For more beauty inspi
a woman in a red and black dress with her arms crossed
Székely girl in Székely traditional costume
Székely leány Cool Style, Germany, Lany, Samurai Gear, Victorian Dress, Ruffle Blouse, For Sale, Women's Top
Székely leány
Hungarian Girls, Eastern Europe, Hungary
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