9 Awkward Tattoos on Boobs!

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Truly Fascinating People And Things

Pluto (lower right) and biggest moon Charon (upper left).

20 Amazing Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

Absolutely fantastic black & grey work in this side piece by Carl Grace Tattoos!

Best Boob Tattoos

10 Honest Tattoos We applaud these people for being honest with their tattoo choices!

Weird Tattoos in Strange Places

Weird Tattoos in Strange Places ! Most amazing Tattoos designs with meaning ideas pictures amazing tattoo cool trend newest ink best inked New popular Name font chest shoulder arms back neck small

Insane Torso Tattoos

Insane Torso Tattoos Check out these amazing Torso Tattoos. They will blow your mind and leave you wanting more!

Weird Baldhead Tattoos

I bet tattoo artists like working on a nice, smooth, bald head. So much area its like a canvas, and perfect for an eye because of the curve!

Can You Spot The Tattooed Girl Selfie Fails?

Can You Spot The Tattooed Girl Selfie Fails? Can't go wrong with a selfie, or can you? There's two super fails to spot Photos)

Unique Girlish Tattoos Every Girl Should Ink

Getting a tattoo is a big decision! But for those who want to take the next step into curing that wanderlust craving, I have the perfect travel tattoos list