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a white bed topped with lots of pillows next to a wooden wall hanging above it
Monstera macrame wall hanging
Monstera leaf tropical macrame wall hanging
a woman is holding a handbag in her right hand and wearing a beige shirt
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a cell phone laying next to a crocheted purse on top of a table
Macrame phone case small bad cute Handmade macrame phone sock mobile phone pouch boho cell phone accessory accessory summer hit gift
Handmade macrame phone case/side bag. Two styles of handle available 👉 macrame 👉 PU leather If you wanna treat yourself of you friend this is a trendy accessory, ideal for any weather as a bag for your phone or just a case to keep it in your big bag 🌻 Of you are looking for different colour please let me know as I have few available.
two crocheted purses sitting on top of a white table next to each other
Cell Phone Bag, Phone Pouch, Small Crossbody Bag, Phone Bag, Small Travel Bag, Phone Purse Pattern, Phone Bag Pattern, Crochet Shoulder Bag
* Welcome to HeaveanArt + Macrame I Phone Bag 100% Hand Woven With The Best Macrame Cord Material From Vietnam - No Fading, No Stretching + Material: 100% Macrame Bag, Non-fading Macrame Bag, Eco-friendly + Elegant, Simple, Convenient Macrame Bag. It has a crossbody strap, plus we give you an extra keychain to make your bag even more unique. + Beach Bags, Very Cool With Fashion, Travel, Boho Style, Classic And Luxury, Sophisticated And Beautifully Knotted. Suitable And Convenient For People On T