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The Lost Art of Cassette Design by Steve Vistaunet

The Lost Art of Cassette Design by Steve. I remember spending hours hitting "play+record" making mix tapes & drawing the sleeves during the tracks. A well planned & decorated tape was always gratefully received by your mates.

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Atreides Signet Ring

Replica of Duke Leto's signet ring, displaying the red hawk symbol of House Atreides. Baron Harkonnen coveted the Duke's ring, although it eluded his grasp. Paul Atreides wore this ring in memory of .

Dune by

Wanted to make a movie poster for Dune. It is one of my favourite movies and the books are incredible! The figure is ment to represent Alia. Stock ued: Girl- Textures - The rest is from me! Was awa. DUNE by Christian Dior Eau De Toilette Spray 1.0 oz for Women

Dune By Christian Dior For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray Ounces Introduced in Fragrance notes: amber, wallflower as well as watery notes of the fresh,