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INTJ haha "don't expect any affirmation or acknowledgment that thry heard you"

I do this all the time. My family and friends have just accepted it as my quirk.

I have a 2 hour people limit once a week. Anything more than that, I start to have very unpleasant thoughts -- from pushing people out of my way to downright stabbing them with a pen.

intj and children- I think I literally had this conversation.

INTJ with kids: "Someone PLEASE help me from those little beasts." INTJ as a kid: a series of torment, suffering and intolerated sadness.

Yes, and this is why extreme standards of "modesty" will NEVER prevent a man from raping a woman if he is determined to do so!

Rape is about dominance and humiliation, not sexual desire. If you want to claim it is, you're just being ignorant.