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Ce matin on se penche un peu sur le Projet ORENS par JPModified. On est sur un système Intel Core i5 basé sur une carte mère Gigabyte Z170x, avec une GeForce GTX 970 dans un châssis P3 Thermaltake ave

Project ORENS by JPModified. An Intel Core based system on a Gigabyte Designare motherboard, featuring a GeForce GTX 970 in a Thermaltake Core

SCAVENGER : un hallucinant mod Caterpillar

SCAVENGER : un hallucinant mod Caterpillar - version mobile - version mobile


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Thermaltake Core P5 make Your Gaming PC Into A Wall-Mounted Display

Thermaltake Core make Your Gaming PC Into A Wall-Mounted Display - honestly I can't wrap my head around this but how cool.

I just finished my wall-mounted PC "Bumblebee". What do you guys think?

An IMU gait sensor offers a low-cost alternative to conventional optical target-tracking motion capture systems.