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black and white photograph of a motorcycle parked on wet ground with water in the background
FCR-Original - Créateur de moto sur mesure
a white and brown motorcycle parked on top of a gray floor
Bonneville Urban Pearl par Ton-up Garage - Triumphadonf
a motorcycle is parked on a white surface with black walls in the backgroud
Factory Fresh: A Bonneville custom from Bunker
a black and silver motorcycle parked in front of a gray wall
Triumph Cafe Racer Top 10 [BEST of BEST] -
a black motorcycle is on display in a showroom with the name casteello written on it
Dainese72 Collection - Dainese (Official Shop)
a black motorcycle parked on top of a white tile floor
24+ Exciting Custom Motorcycles - Vintagetopia
a close up of a motorcycle on a sheet of paper with the word triumph printed on it