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The architecture of Le Corbusier.
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a black and white photo of a balcony with plants in the foreground, and buildings in the background
Le Corbusier Weißenhofsiedlung, two family house Stuttgart, Germany 1927
an old photo of two men standing next to each other in front of a tree
Le Corbusier and Albert Einstein
After the war he went to America and he met Einstein. What gets to me about this photograph is that Corbu describes himself being “starved, sick and miserable” after the war while Einstein was well fed and well taken care of and yet when you look at the picture who’s got the immaculate clothing and looks in quite good shape and who looks disheveled of the two of them? 1946, Princeton, New Jersey
a black and white photo of an architectural model
Alexander Gorlin Architects
The Governor's Palace, Chandigarh. Le Corbusier, 1950-1951 . The model of the palace and its site at the scale of 1/8"=1'. The ramp of the Monument to the Martyrs is in front. Two levels of gardens and water pools face the palace. Pedestrians enter along the shifting series of squares in the center, automobiles enter along the straight road to the right.
an old man sitting at a desk in front of a typewriter with words written on it
Materials For Architecture & Design
"Space and light and order. Those are things that men need just as much as they need bread and a place to sleep." ---Quote from our great master Le Corbusier
an empty church with rows of pews in front of the windows and lights on the wall
La Chapelle Notre-Dame du Haut - Le Corbusier
NOTRE DAME DU HAUT • 1954 • Ronchamp • Le Corbusier •
a tall white building sitting next to a forest
Notre Dame du Haut | Ronchamp, France | Le Corbusier | photo © Cemal Emden
three floor plans for an apartment building
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unite d'habitation - le corbusier
a long hallway with multiple colored doors leading to different rooms in the same color scheme
Le Corbusier Unite D’Habitation and the Ocean Liner
Internal Corridor Unite d'Habitation from interesting article "LE CORBUSIER UNITE D’HABITATION AND THE OCEAN LINER"
an empty hallway with multiple colored lights on the walls
Unité d'habitation - le Corbusier
an orange and green building on the corner of a street
Embracing color – Design & Trend Report
Le Corbusier houses at Pessac.
a blue building with red and white doors next to a fenced in parking lot
Rue Le Corbusier, Pessac
Rue Le Corbusier, Pessac - Le Corbusier
a large white building sitting on the side of a road next to a lush green hillside
le corbusier 1927
a tall white building with lots of windows and balconies on the top floor
Buildings - Villas Lipchitz-Miestchaninoff
Le Corbusier Villas Lipchitz-Miestchaninoff, Boulogne-sur-Seine, France, 1923
a black and white photo of a building
Le Corbusier - Villa Shodhan in Ahmedabad, India 1951 WHEREMYHOUSE
an apartment building with balconies on the second floor and green grass in front
Shodan House
Le Corbusier / shodan house, Ahmedabad 1956